Magnetische Pedale

Magnetic pedals

Magnetic pedals are an innovative technology that is becoming increasingly popular in the cycling industry. They allow the rider to simply click the pedal instead of tying or clamping it, saving time and energy.

The way magnetic pedals work is based on the use of strong magnets that bind the pedal to the rider's shoe. This allows for a quick and easy connection, allowing the rider to pedal quickly when starting or get off the pedals quickly when stopping.

Another advantage of magnetic pedals is increased safety. Since the pedal is tied to the rider's shoe, there is no risk of it coming loose while driving and causing the rider to fall. This can be particularly important when the driver is traveling on uneven terrain or at high speeds.

There are different types of magnetic pedals on the market, from simple, inexpensive models to cutting-edge, more expensive versions with additional features such as magnetic strength adjustment or an automatic release function.

Overall, magnetic pedals are a great innovation for cyclists, saving time and energy and providing increased safety.